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Fired policeman ordered to be reinstated by PSC launches legal action to get his job back

A police officer fired for misconduct who won an appeal against the decision has launched a legal action to get back on the beat.

Police constable Oswin Pereira lost his job in January after a disciplinary panel found he used “excessive force” on a teenage suspect after a high-speed chase and then tried to cover up the assault.

He appealed the decision to the Public Service Commission, which ruled in August that he should not have been dismissed.

But the Bermuda Police Service has still not reinstated him and Victoria Greening, his lawyer, filed civil proceedings on his behalf against the Commissioner of Police on Wednesday.

The application for permission to seek a judicial review said Mr Pereira wanted a court order for his reinstatement and the reinstatement of his salary and benefits.

He also asked for an order that his dismissal was “premature and thus unlawful” and damages.

Mr Pereira, in an affidavit in support of the application, said: “I am entitled to due process under the Police (Conduct) Orders 2016, which includes my right of appeal.

Read more on The Royal Gazette

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