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Victoria Greening
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Victoria Greening is a highly experienced court lawyer. Victoria had first class legal training with Crown Office in Edinburgh, Scotland, where she trained as a criminal lawyer. She has worked as a prosecutor for over seven years, first with Crown Office in Scotland and then when she moved back to Bermuda in 2014 with the Department of Public Prosecutions. Before moving back home, she spent three years working in Scotland as a criminal defence lawyer where she worked closely with some of Scotland's finest advocates. 


For the past twelve years, Victoria has been successful on both sides of the courtroom in a large number of criminal and civil cases. She has worked on many high-profile cases and other legally complex trials, both locally and overseas. Victoria currently represents a large number of defendants charged with the most serious crimes, road traffic cases as well as a number of interested parties in judicial review and civil claims. She has also been successful in helping a number of clients resolve conflict in divorce, child custody and domestic disputes. 


Alongside her career in the courts, Victoria worked for three years as a Tutor in Criminal Law and the Laws of Evidence with the College of Law at the University of Edinburgh. 


Victoria's academic background includes degrees in Psychology (Bsc(Hons)), Political Philosophy with International and European Human Rights Law and Theoretical Criminology (MSc), Law and a Diploma in Forensic Medicine.


In the summer of 2018 Victoria was appointed Temporary Assistant Registrar to the Supreme Court in Bermuda. 


Victoria draws on her diverse academic and practical experience to achieve positive results in the courtroom and beyond. She is passionate about working within a compassionate, ethical and empathetic model to ensure that her clients and their families feel supported and well looked after. 


Victoria has been described as attentive and diligent in the preparation and presentation of her cases and is fearless in the pursuit of justice.

Archibald B.W. Warner

Mr. Archibald BW Warner joined Resolution Chambers as Senior Legal Counsel in October 2020.

Prior to joining Resolution Chambers, Mr. Warner held the job of Senior Magistrate in Bermuda for 14 years, but has also served a police officer, prosecutor, defence lawyer, and Pusine Judge in the Supreme Court of Bermuda. He also ran his own very successful private practice for many years. You can rely on Mr. Warner for professional legal advice, representation at police interviews and in court on all levels, particularly in criminal and public law matters. His experience, knowledge and skills mean that he is often able to keep you out of the court altogether.

Philip G. Lewis

Mr. Philip G. Lewis is a retired Police Inspector of the Bermuda Police Service, having served for over thirty (30) years. He was in charge of the Roads Policing Unit, Marine Section and the Traffic Collision Investigation Unit.


He is Traffic Collision Investigator and Crash Reconstructionist with over thirty (30) years’ experience investigating and reconstructing road traffic collisions in Bermuda, St. Maarten and Barbados. 

He attended the Institute of Police Technology and Management at the University of North Florida between 1994 and 2017 and successfully completed several specialized courses in traffic collision investigation and reconstruction.  He also attended the National Transportation Safety Board Academy in Ashburn, Virginia, and successfully completed other specialized courses relating to collision (accident) investigation.


These courses covered various aspects of collision investigations and reconstructions involving motor vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians.   Mr. Lewis has been accepted in both Magistrates’ and Supreme (High) Courts of Bermuda in the capacity of a specialist in the field of traffic collisions and reconstructions. 

He has personally investigated and reconstructed well over two thousand (2000) road traffic collisions including fatalities.

He has extensive training experience in traffic law and has given several talks on Road and Traffic safety in Bermuda and Barbados.

He is a member of the National Association of Professional Accident Reconstruction Specialists (NAPARS), and continues to attend conferences and seminars on collision investigation and reconstruction and traffic safety.

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